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Poor visibility is among the leading causes of road accidents. But what if it did not have to be? What if, when anyone purchases a new vehicle, either an auto, a truck, an RV or even an off-road vehicle, that the windshield could be treated to resist damage and remain clean and clear? As a dealer, who wouldn’t want to provide their customers with a window treatment that offers an extra level of protection for themselves and their families? Well, the opportunity is available to all vehicle dealers in the states noted below, and the product is Crystal Fusion™.

What is Crystal Fusion™? A revolutionary product unlike any other that is available at retailers or online. Crystal FusionTM is a hydrophobic coating installation, available only through select dealerships. The process molecularly bonds with the glass to create an ultra-hydrophobic surface that both microbeads water and protects against natural elements, road debris, and more. The formula, specifically created for use on automotive glass surfaces is so unique that it carries a patent. It is applied as part of a two-step process to new vehicles at the dealership to form a surface barrier that repels water, ice, snow, mud, insects, twigs and branches, and small road debris. This ensures better visibility even through harsh driving conditions and greater safety for the driver and passengers.

Additional CFT products for the interior and exterior of any new vehicle include Paint Protection and Enhancement, Headlight Protection, and Wheel Enhancement. The goal is to provide greater protection for exterior and interior materials to repel stains and contaminants for better wear and longer life. These treatments will enable your ride to remain showroom new longer and enhance the vehicle’s resale value as well. If you are a dealer in any of the following states, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about this value-add product, Crystal Fusion™ and how it can increase both your customers’ satisfaction and your revenue.

If you want to find out more about this innovative hydrophobic glass coating, contact Crystal Fusion™ today.