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Arkansas is a state known for its abundance of recreational opportunities like hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, boating, ATVing, and more. No wonder there are numerous RV sites and campgrounds near its over 600,000 acres of lakes and 6, 700 miles of streams. Known as The Natural State, Arkansas’ beautiful landscape draws outdoor enthusiasts from all over the nation. From the Ozarks to the Delta region, however, there are thousands of miles of roadways that are not maintained by the state Department of Transportation (DOT). Some roads feature asphalt in need of repair due to potholes and cracks, as well as dirt and gravel roads that are not maintained by the DOT. The result can be a vacation or a daily commute impacted by a broken windshield on your car, truck, or RV. For new vehicles, this issue can be avoided by having Crystal Fusion™, a windshield hydrophobic coating installation at a participating Arkansas dealership.

Crystal Fusion™ molecularly bonds with glass to create an ultra-hydrophobic surface. This process increases visibility and surface protection to improve safety and performance. Available only through select dealerships for RVs, cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles, Crystal Fusion™‘s molecular bond causes water to microbead. Collectively, those microbeads will protect your windshield against natural elements, road debris, and more. This exclusive auto glass formula is so revolutionary and unlike any other available product that it holds a patent. When applied as a two-step process to new vehicles at the dealership, Crystal Fusion™ will create a permanent surface barrier tension. This one-time hydrophobic coating installation at your Arkansas dealership will continuously repel water, ice, snow, mud, insects, twigs and branches, and even small yet potentially hazardous road debris. As an added plus, Crystal Fusion™ allows better visibility even through extreme driving conditions and therefore greater safety.

Your dealership will stand out from your competitors when you offer the Crystal Fusion™ hydrophobic coating installation. Do not confuse Crystal Fusion™ with cheap, and temporary wannabe products anyone can buy at the big box stores or on the internet.  They. Just. Don’t. Work.

What dealer wouldn’t want to provide their customers with a value add-on windshield treatment at their Arkansas dealership that will protect new owners and lessees, as well as potentially increase their vehicle’s resale value?

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