What is a Windshield Ultra-Hydrophobic Coating?

How Our Patented, Ultra-Hydrophobic Windshield Coating Works

Over the counter windshield rain repellents are not the same as a hydrophobic bond and do not provide the protection and clarity drivers want. Crystal Fusion™ does. It is not wax-based like many other products. Instead, it is a time-tested, patented windshield ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating that is professionally applied to glass and chemically reacts with the surface.


Our two-step application chemically reacts to silicon dioxide, the main substrate in glass production, changing the properties of the glass surface and increasing its strength and clarity. Best of all, it doesn’t need to be reapplied on a regular basis. It holds up to the rigors of the road: rain, snow, ice, bugs, and stray rocks. It is a onetime application which is easily maintained for optimum performance.


Making Glass Smoother and Stronger

To the eye, the surface of glass is perfectly smooth, clear, and transparent. But looks can be deceiving. At the molecular level, glass is porous with microscopic hills, peaks, and valleys that refract light and collect tiny particles. This irregular plane causes a strong adhesion with water and creates microscopic “contact points” in the glass. Road debris that impacts these “contact points” can cause significant damage.


Improved Protection. Proven Results.

More than just a coating, Crystal Fusion™ is an advanced ultra-hydrophobic windshield protection product that molecularly fuses with glass to form a durable, smooth barrier. This enhanced surface improves visibility in bad weather and increases windshield durability. As a result, water beads up and rolls away. At the same time, damage from small road debris is greatly reduced because Crystal Fusion™ reinforces windshields for extra auto glass protection.

Clear Reasons to Choose Crystal Fusion

Our hydrophobic windshield coating is specifically formulated for vehicles. We have developed a patented two-step application process that creates an ultra-hydrophobic and durable barrier on all automotive glass. Our hydrophobic treatment will resist moisture, soil, and even small road debris and not fade after a few weeks, or even a few years. The advantages of Crystal Fusion™ technology are perfectly clear:

  • Clearer windshields mean improved driver reaction time
  • Better visibility during inclement weather
  • Reduces the likelihood of damage from small road debris
  • Allows insects to be easily washed away
  • Makes ice and snow much easier to remove
  • Protects against acid rain, corrosion, and mineral buildup
  • Helps preserve the structural integrity of the factory-installed windshield
  • Keeps glass looking newer longer

Hydrophobic Coatings Are Effective

Hydrophobic car glass coatings have been shown to significantly enhance visibility, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. An independent group found that hydrophobic windshield treatment will improve visual awareness nearly 34% over an untreated windshield.

It only takes one second to avoid a car accident. By increasing visual clarity, you protect yourself and other drivers. Drive with confidence, knowing your visibility and reaction time is optimal in every type of weather. Trust your windshield to Crystal Fusion™, which not only repels water but minimizes chips and cracks. In addition, we back our product with the best warranty options in the business.

Love your new car and those who ride in it! Shield them with protection that’s clearly superior. Protect them with Crystal Fusion™, the ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating that works, time after time, and year after year.

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