What’s the Difference Between Ceramic Sealant Spray and a Ceramic Coating?

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For many car buffs and those who simply want to protect their investment, they spend hours every month maintaining their vehicle’s painted surfaces. They’ll carefully wash, perhaps wax, but ultimately buff the surface to a high gloss shine. There are two products that appear to produce the same result, but is one better than the other? And if so, why? In this posting, we’ll discuss the differences between as well as the benefits of ceramic sealant spray and  ceramic coating.

To begin, a ceramic paint sealant spray is a synthetic product (unlike wax) which is formulated to protect your vehicle’s surface as well as to produce a mirror-like, high-gloss shine. Paint sealant sprays will chemically bond to the paint on your vehicle, and its protection will last a lot longer than a wax-based polish. Also, these sprays will provide some protection against tree sap, acid rain, and scorching UV rays. As soon as this protectant is applied, however, a ceramic sealant spray begins to wear away, losing its ability to protect your vehicle’s paint in about 4-6 months’ time.

A ceramic coating uses nanotechnology (the science of making products by manipulating molecules that are 100 millionth of a millimeter or less in size) to provide a completely invisible protective layer. Applying a product that contains nanoparticles will seal all the pores in the surface of your car, truck, SUV, or RV, to make that surface impervious to dust, dirt, grime, UV rays, and more! Ceramic coatings contain synthetic protection agents that not only protect the finish from contaminants and minor surface damage, but it bonds with the paint to impart a lustrous, shiny finish as well. Best of all, unlike ceramic sealant sprays, this semi-permanent bond can last for several years. Available only through your vehicle’s dealership, the best ceramic coating product on the market is the Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating. Here’s why:

The Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating is not a topical treatment like ceramic sealant sprays. Instead, the formula contains the greatest concentration of active ingredients to create a strong and extremely durable ceramic automotive product. The coating helps painted surfaces stay cleaner longer, using minimal effort. And you know what that means – you’ll spend more time in your vehicle enjoying life from the driver’s seat, and less time maintaining it!

Let’s recap the benefits of the Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating vs ceramic sealant sprays. Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating allows your vehicle’s painted surfaces to:

Stays Cleaner Longer: Your ride will stay cleaner for a longer time. The hydrophobic surface makes it more difficult for mud and dirt to bond with the painted surface.

Long-Term Protection: Depending on maintenance and your climate, the application can be effective for up to 4-6 years.

Enhances Appearance: Why wax, or use ceramic sealant sprays that don’t last? Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating provides a highly reflective shine.

Easier to Wash: The invisible hydrophobic layer created by the Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating also means that contaminants come off easily.

Resists Stains/Etching: The chemically-resistant ceramic surface helps mitigate stains and etching caused by environmental contaminants like bird-droppings and bug-splatter.

Protects From UV Damage: Ceramic Coating is UV resistant, meaning that your paint will be protected from the blistering heat that over time can fade your vehicle’s vibrant paint finish.

We know. We had you spending less time maintaining your ride to spend more time out on the road enjoying it. Not only that, but we also invite dealers to contact us to learn more about the benefits of offering this great product to your customers.

Become a Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating dealer!

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