How Long Does an Auto Ceramic Coating Last?

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When we purchase a new vehicle, most of us are taking the monthly payment amounts into consideration. Those of us who can see the big picture have wisely opted for windshield glass protection as well as an auto ceramic coating to keep their new ride looking showroom new for as long as possible. And, hopefully, long after they’ve finished paying down their loan! This is possible with a great CFT product, Crystal FusionTM Premium Ceramic Coating. You may be asking yourself if this investment is worthwhile. After all, you wash and wax your ride routinely. Isn’t that enough to protect its finish and keep it looking newer longer? A ceramic coating’s lifespan is based on several factors. In this posting, we’ll cover what to expect, what causes faster than normal wear, and how to get the most from your investment!

Once your Crystal FusionTM auto ceramic coating has been applied at your dealership, depending on where you live, you can expect a lifespan of between two and five years or more if you exercise little care in maintenance. As the coating represents an investment, the goal is to make it last as long as possible. So it’s important to avoid:

  • Extreme hot or cold driving conditions, which cause the material to expand and contract rapidly. This action leads to microscopic cracks in the surface of the ceramic. Over time, water will seep through to form rust and possible flaking of surface paint.
  • Washing and waxing your car with abrasives. This is really a no-brainer, but before you reach for that OTC product you’ve relied on for years, read the label. More and more products are being reformulated with harsh chemicals that can scuff the surface of your auto ceramic coating and damage it to the point where it becomes a sponge!
  • Never wash your vehicle in direct sunlight.
  • Get to know the two bucket vehicle washing method: one bucket is for your car wash solution, the other holds plain water for rinsing your washing mitt. Remember to wash your vehicle from top to bottom, working in small sections, and rinsing the mitt often in your rinse bucket before dipping it in the washing solution bucket again. It really makes a difference in how clean your auto ceramic coating’s surface will be, as well as the protection this method provides to prevent water seepage.
  • Throw away that paste wax! Your Crystal FusionTM Premium Ceramic Coating is all your vehicle needs to retain that showroom quality finish. Polishing and auto ceramic coating reduces its effectiveness at repelling moisture and will greatly shorten its lifespan!

Avoid those minor surface scratches and scuffs that over time cause your vehicle’s finish to lose its luster and your vehicle to diminish in value. Crystal FusionTM Premium Ceramic Coating bonds to the surface to create a durable, lasting shield that provides these great benefits:

  • Super-hydrophobic- translation: ‘easy to keep clean’
  • Weather resistance
  • Resists fade and oxidation from sun and weather
  • Gives painted surfaces an enhanced, protective gloss and depth- an
  • attractive “wet look”
  • Scuff and scratch-resistant, it is also anti-graffiti

Keep your vehicle looking newer longer for maximum trade in value down the road! Opt for the Crystal FusionTM Premium Ceramic Coating treatment at your dealership when you purchase or lease your next car, truck, SUV or RV. We invite interested dealers to learn more about our great line of products and to become a Crystal FusionTM Ceramic Coating dealer by submitting our form.

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