How Can You Protect the Interior of Your Car?

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Purchasing a new car represents a sizable investment. Then what happens to it is called ‘life’. It quickly becomes a commuter car, which means sometimes a mobile dining establishment, perhaps a soccer mom taxi, where your back seat is used as a receptacle for candy and gum, as well as a soda, can empties and not so empties. And if you have little ones, well it can be astonishing how fast toddlers will develop superior throwing skills for anything within reach. The result is an interior that is dirty, unsanitary, and worn long before your car loan is paid off. The good news is that it does not have to be that way. The same company that created the hydrophobic windshield protection product has introduced an interior car protection product to maintain the ‘like new’ appearance of your vehicle’s interior. Applied by the dealership at the same time you purchase your car, the Crystal FusionTM interior surfaces treatment allows you to demonstrate pride of ownership, by protecting your car’s interior woven surfaces. One application offers maximum protection against spills and stains, no matter what you, your family, and your passengers drop, spill, or pour on it!

Here’s how it works: Once applied, Crystal FusionTM forms a hydrophobic barrier. This means that the treated surfaces will repel water, other liquids, grime, dirt, and contaminants. This protects the treated surface against staining and odors. Not just for a few weeks or months, but for the life of your car. Best of all, the treatment is guaranteed. It is backed by the Crystal FusionTM warranty! What can be treated with the Crystal FusionTM? Any woven interior fabric including your carpets, upholstery, mats, and other surfaces. And just what does this Crystal FusionTM interior car protection warranty cover? Here are a few of the types of damage that your Crystal FusionTM  warranty includes:

  • Stains – no more worries about your toddler dropping their bottle on your new carpeting. Or your daughter’s girl scout troop from discarding uneaten snacks on the floor.
  • Rips/Tears – If your son’s football cleats leave tears in your upholstery or mats, these are also covered!
  • Burns – Cars do not have ashtrays anymore. If a passenger lights up a cigarette and carelessly burns a hole in your upholstery or flooring, you’re covered by the Crystal FusionTM interior car protection warranty!

It is a fact, dealerships can feel good about offering this solid product to their customers. After all, what new car owner wants to see their investment slowly degrade day after day? When purchasing a new vehicle, some customers may be penny-pinching. Just explain that this modest investment will reap its rewards in a car that stays newer looking longer. And everyone knows that fact translates into a higher resale value at trade-in time. Here is another sound promise that makes Crystal FusionTM a solid investment: it is completely made in the USA. Your customers can feel good about that and put their trust in a product that is made in this country, as well as build increased trust and establish a long-time business relationship with your dealership.

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