Highly Durable and Protective Car and SUV Windshield Coating

Protect your vehicle and your passengers with a car windshield coating that uses advanced nanotechnology. The results are in. And it’s crystal clear! Crystal Fusion™ is like an invisible forcefield, a car windshield coating with a layer of protection that adds durability and clarity to the glass. For auto glass protection that uses the latest technology, the choice is clear with our hydrophobic windshield protectant.

Auto Glass Protectant- More Than Just a Clean Windshield

Your windshield is not perfectly smooth. It may feel that way to the touch, but if you look closer – much closer with a microscope – you’ll see hills, peaks, and pits that disperse light and collect tiny particles. A Crystal Fusion™ treatment will fill in these voids microscopically and bond to the glass surface.

Dramatically Improves Wet Weather Driving Visibility

Substances such as rain, snow, ice, and dirt will “stick” to the windshield, affecting your ability to see the road. At the same time, if small road debris makes contact with a weaker area of the windshield, it could cause significant damage. Crystal Fusion™ forms a microscopic layer of smooth liquid glass on the windshield, fusing with the surface and creating a car glass shield. This not only helps you see as much as 34% better in the rain but our SUV and car windshield coating also reduces the damaging effects of small road debris on your windshield and reduces glare for a safer driving experience.

An SUV Windshield Coating with Safety in Mind

One second can help prevent an accident. Due to Crystal Fusion™’s reduced glare and superior rain repellent properties, it can actually increase driver reaction time by seeing ahead more clearly. Traveling at 65 miles per hour, 1 second of reaction time equals 88 feet of stopping distance or 6-7 car lengths. Our car and SUV windshield coating plays a big role in helping to avoid accidents in inclement weather. Don’t let a poor quality view through your windshield get in the way of safety and the drivers around you. For truck windshield protection that works, make the crystal-clear choice, Crystal Fusion™.

Contact us to find out how you can perform Crystal Fusion applications for customers at your dealership. We proudly offerCrystal Fusion for dealers and independent agents throughout the country and around the world.