How Do I Make My Windshield Crystal Clear?

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Since drivers first took to the open roadways, keeping our windshields clean and clear for optimal visibility has been an issue. For some, especially on long trips, it has meant pulling over for a rest stop and getting out a roll of paper towels and some spray glass cleaner from the trunk. Today, while there are many such auto glass cleaner and car glass cleaner products in the aisles of big box and auto supply stores, there is a much better way to keep your windshield crystal clear. We highly recommend a one-time application of an ultra-hydrophobic coating, Crystal Fusion™.

Exactly what is this Crystal Fusion™ ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating, and how does it work? The simple explanation is that this is a tested, patented windshield coating that is professionally applied to a new vehicle at the time of purchase by dealerships who are licensed to perform this service. This application, applied to windshield glass, reacts chemically and bonds with the surface. Unlike auto glass cleaner and car glass cleaner products, which merely remove dust and surface grime, the two-step Crystal Fusion applications chemically reacts to silicon dioxide, (the main substrate in glass production), which changes the properties of the glass surface to increase its strength and visual clarity. Again, unlike spray cleaners, Crystal Fusion™ doesn’t need to be reapplied on a regular basis. Day to day, 24/7/365 your Crystal Fusion™ treatment enables your windshield to withstand repeated contact with rain, snow, ice, insects, twigs, and stray rocks. Given your climate, your treatment may require an occasional touch-up, however, the Crystal Fusion™ process is a one-time application that is easily maintained for continuous superior performance year after year.

What can drivers expect from a Crystal Fusion™ treatment for your windshield? To begin, your windshield glass is made smoother and stronger. That’s because the ultra-hydrophobic coating fills in the microscopic valleys in the glass surface that reflect light and collect particles of dust, dirt, and grime. Water can also collect in these ‘contact points’ so freezing rain and road debris can easily cause damage to the glass surface, as well as limit driver visibility. Crystal Fusion™ molecularly fuses with glass and a slick and durable barrier is formed. This refined surface actually improves driver visibility in bad weather and additionally increases windshield durability. On this enhanced surface, water will bead up and roll away. Also, the potential for damage from small road debris is greatly reduced because Crystal Fusion™ reinforces windshields for extra auto glass protection.

Crystal Fusion™ is the optimal way to keep your vehicle’s windshield crystal clear. Is a recap of its benefits:

  1. Clearer windshields mean improved driver reaction time- a major safety consideration.
  2. Offer better visibility during inclement weather.
  3. Reduces the likelihood of damage from small road debris.
  4. Allows insects to be easily washed away.
  5. Enables quick and easy ice and snow removal.
  6. Protects against acid rain, corrosion, and mineral buildup which can dull the glass surface and limit visibility.
  7. Helps preserve the structural integrity of the factory-installed windshield.
  8. Keeps the glass looking newer and longer.

Unlike auto glass cleaner and car glass cleaner products which do not provide any of the benefits listed above, only select dealerships have the professionals who can apply Crystal Fusion™ when you purchase your new vehicle. We invite dealers to contact us to learn more about how they can add this vital service for their customers’ benefit. Contact us today!

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