What Does a Hydrophobic Coating Do?

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We admit it. ‘Hydrophobic’ is not a term that is likely to be in most folks’ everyday vocabularies. But if you are considering the purchase of a new vehicle anytime soon, it is important to know the definition. Also, as a hydrophobic windshield coating, knowing what it means for the safety of you, your passengers, and your vehicle is valuable information. There are misconceptions about hydrophobic coatings along with their value to drivers. In this posting, we’ll clear up the mystery and state our case on why having a hydrophobic coating on your vehicle’s windshield and other parts is invaluable for several reasons.

The value of having a hydrophobic windshield coating is two-fold. It protects the glass from breakage, as well as increases drivers’ visibility. While wet glass can become slick, glass treated with a hydrophobic coating makes the surface truly water repellant. The coating allows small water droplets to combine into a larger droplet. This can be removed by wiper blades more quickly and along with it accumulates dust, dirt, and debris. Despite how your windshield glass may feel to the touch, it is not a smooth surface at all. Under a microscope, glass is revealed to have hills, peaks, and depressions that both disperse light (i.e. glare) and can also collect tiny particles of dust, dirt, and grime. Crystal FusionTM is a hydrophobic product that can only be applied at your vehicle’s dealership at the time you purchase or lease your car, truck, Van, RV, or SUV. The Crystal FusionTM process forms a molecular bond that fills in those surface voids and smooths over the peaks. The result is a surface that offers both protection from small road debris and greatly improved visibility during inclement weather.

In fact, windshields that have been treated with the Crystal FusionTM hydrophobic windshield coating, provide drivers with up to 34% improved visibility in the rain. That is not all, however. It is known that one second of awareness can help drivers to avoid/prevent an accident. Crystal FusionTM‘s properties that reduce glare, coupled with its superior moisture repellent properties, actually increase driver reaction time due to greater windshield clarity. It is also known that for a vehicle that is traveling at 65 miles per hour, one second of reaction time is equivalent to 88 feet of stopping distance. That is 6-7 car lengths. What does this mean to you? Your windshield, if protected with the Crystal FusionTM hydrophobic windshield coating, provides a greater measure of safety to you and your passengers.

Anyone who researches hydrophobic coatings will soon realize that the sprays sold at the big box stores are no comparison in quality, durability, and safety with Crystal FusionTM

Available only at select dealerships, make the right decision and purchase or lease your next vehicle from a dealer who offers the Crystal FusionTM hydrophobic windshield coating. You owe it to yourself and the safety of your family and passengers.

We invite dealers to contact our team to learn more about offering this superior product today!

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