Crystal Fusion™ Auto Ceramic Coating

Time was, everyone traded in or bought a new car every couple of years. Today, drivers may typically keep their cars much longer. But as soon as they drive away from the showroom, the luster and ‘newness’ of their vehicle begin to wear away. Our signature formulation offers superior auto glass protection against damage, UV-glare, and more. Now, dealers can provide similar protection for the vehicle’s painted surfaces as well: Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating.

Just like our sister product for auto glass, Crystal Fusion™ Premium Ceramic Coating’s protective finish bonds to the surface to create a durable shield that lasts for years. Think about it. Customers can avoid those minor surface scratches and scuffs that deepen over time until their vehicle’s finish has lost its luster and its integrity. Crystal Fusion™ ceramic coating for cars offers these great benefits:

  • Super-hydrophobic- means ‘easy to keep clean’
  • Weather resistance
  • Resists fade and oxidation from sun and weather
  • Gives painted surfaces an enhanced, protective gloss and depth- an
  • attractive “wet look”
  • Scuff and scratch-resistant, it is also anti-graffiti

Finish Looks New Far Longer

Our ceramic coating is not a topical treatment- the formula contains the greatest concentration of active ingredients that create the strongest and most durable ceramic automotive product available. Best of all, it helps painted surfaces stay cleaner longer with little or no effort at all!

Once again, we’ve introduced a hydrophobic formulation that bonds to protect surfaces against contaminants. Our auto ceramic coating can be applied to paint, wheels, molding, and plastic. Combined with our Crystal Fusion™ hydrophobic coating for glass, cars, trucks, and SUVs you can keep that showroom-new appearance for years to come! Dealers can feel great about offering a service that provides value to their customers. With Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating for cars, they can spend less time cleaning and maintaining their vehicle and more time out on the road enjoying it. For more information or to become a Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating dealer, we invite you to submit our form.

Allow us to demonstrate at your request how Crystal Fusion lets nothing get between you and your view. Contact us for more information.