What is a Hydrophobic Auto Coating on a Windshield?

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Technological advances across all aspects of our lives. It can be difficult to keep up with these, especially those from which we can reap the safety and other benefits. One important ‘breakthrough’ in automotive safety and convenience is available only at the time you purchase a vehicle. That is because it must be carefully and professionally applied at a dealership by individuals specifically trained to perform the task. And what is this, you ask? And why do you need it? “It” is Crystal FusionTM, an advanced ultra-hydrophobic windshield protection service that fuses with auto glass on a molecular level to form a durable, smooth barrier. Barrier to what, you ask? Pebbles, dirt, twigs, road debris, whatever wind and torrential rain can hurl at your windshield. By this point, you will not be asking yourself, “Why do I need this?” Instead, you’ll be asking, “Where can I get this extra auto glass protection for myself and my family?”

The concept of reinforcing the structural strength of any windshield, thereby providing additional auto glass protection, is not the only feature of a Crystal FusionTM treatment. It also increases driver visibility. So what is a hydrophobic auto coating and when and where is it available? Run your finger over your windshield and it will appear smooth. However, glass is actually porous with microscopic hills, peaks, and valleys that refract light and collect tiny particles including grime and dirt. This surface, or irregular plane, allows water to adhere to its surface to create “contact points” in the glass. Road debris, especially when propelled at your windshield at a velocity, can cause major damage and even totally destroy your windshield.

Instead, Crystal FusionTM, once applied, forms a permanent hydrophobic auto coating that requires only an occasional touch-up to maintain its safety feature – melding with your windshield glass to create that extra barrier against potential damage. Or you can look at the Crystal FusionTM windshield treatment as providing that extra level of safety. Another benefit to this hydrophobic auto coating is that it allows your wipers to wick away surface dirt, debris, rain, and snow quickly to provide better visibility in bad weather. This extra measure of visibility actually improves driver reaction time significantly. A Crystal FusionTM treatment can do all this and more!

The one caveat is that to be completely effective, Crystal FusionTM can only be applied at your dealership at the time your new vehicle is purchased. Do not confuse this hydrophobic auto coating with one-shot products you can buy at any automotive or big box store. Those items are not even remotely in Crystal FusionTM‘s league!

So if you are thinking about upgrading to a new vehicle soon, be sure to select a dealership that offers Crystal FusionTM. There truly is no competition. And for car, truck, RV, SUV, and motorsports dealers, we invite you to inquire about adding Crystal FusionTM to your roster of value-add services. Your customers will thank you!

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