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Most of us demonstrate our pride of ownership, especially for our bigger ticket items such as our homes and vehicles. We’ll make certain our homes have curb appeal by maintaining the exterior and adding attractive landscaping. One of the ways to keep our car, truck, or SUVs looking great is by routinely washing and waxing these prized possessions. We’ll make sure the windows and windshields are spotless on the outside as well as inside. For many, this means a trip to the store to buy the popular blue spray home and car glass cleaner. But what if there was a treatment that could be applied at the dealership when buying a new vehicle, that would ensure a cleaner windshield and glass surfaces better than any OTC auto glass cleaner can provide? And what if a cleaner windshield isn’t the only benefit from this add-on? What if?

Nanotechnology is not front-of-mind when purchasing a new vehicle. And when the dealer sits you down and suggests additional features such as warranties and add-ons, it is easy to give these a pass. After all, isn’t the expense of securing a car loan at the lowest interest rates possible the priority? Attempting to keep your monthly spend down is understandable, but saying no to having a Crystal Fusion treatment for your windshield and other vehicle surfaces is just not advisable. Long term, down the road if you will, signing up for the one-time, dealer installed service will pay dividends. Not only will it keep your windshield cleaner, far better than any car glass cleaner can, but also provides additional driver and passenger safety.

A Crystal Fusion treatment bonds molecularly with auto glass to form a stronger, more durable surface. Not only will this prevent road debris from damaging your windshield, therefore providing an extra safety measure, but also increases driver visibility. That is because Crystal Fusion windshield protectant increases visual clarity as well. Studies have shown that drivers whose windshields have been treated with Crystal Fusion have up to 34% better visibility under rainy conditions. It is also known that one second can mean the difference between an accident and accident avoidance. Driver reaction time can be increased when they can see the road ahead more clearly. Traveling at speeds up to 65 MPH, one second of reaction time equals 88 feet of stopping distance. That equates to about 7 car lengths. It is a fact that must be considered when purchasing a new vehicle: Crystal Fusion can make a big difference in driving safety, especially in inclement weather. No OTC auto glass cleaner can make the same statement. As we like to say, the choice is clear.

When you buy your next vehicle, ask your dealer for Crystal Fusion and accept no substitutes. We invite dealers to make inquiries about offering our Crystal Fusion line of products at your dealership. It is a win-win for new car owners and dealers alike! To learn more, contact us today!

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