Protecting Your Car’s Interior Surfaces with a Car Interior Coating

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When anyone takes ownership of a new vehicle, they likely also feel a strong source of pride. A new car, truck, or SUV is new, includes the latest industry updates, safety features, and technologies. There is also the ‘new car smell’ from fresh upholstered seating as well as from floor carpeting and mats. For most of us, it isn’t long before our duties as soccer moms and dads, pet owners, and more take a toll on the interior. Until now, that is. By opting for a Crystal Fusion Interior Treatment at the dealership when you buy your vehicle, its ‘like new’ appearance will last a long time. And so will your pride of ownership!

That’s because the Crystal Fusion Interior Treatment protects your car’s interior fabric surfaces with a uniquely formulated car interior coating. Applied to seats, mats, and flooring, the coating creates a hydrophobic, that is water-repellent barrier, on the treated surface. This barrier causes liquids to bead instead of penetrate and soak the fabric fibers. This action prevents stains and smells from finding a permanent home in any vehicle’s interior.

Think of it! Life happens. And most often it happens in our vehicles. At some point everyone eats in their cars which leads to crumbs, spilled beverages, dripping condiments and salad dressings which could make a home in your car’s soft surfaces. Once your vehicle has been protected with the Crystal Fusion car interior coating treatment, however, stains and lingering odors from spoiled food are prevented. When it’s time to get out the vacuum and clean the interior, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get the job done. Grime, dirt, and liquids that might be ground into your flooring and mats are captured on the treated surface. All it takes is a quick wipe to remove all evidence of having taken Rocket to the vet or having picked up the team after practice!

There are other benefits to opting for the Crystal Fusion Interior Treatment at your dealership when you buy your next vehicle. This car interior coating treatment maintains the integrity of the fibers of your upholstery and carpets. This means your car interior will look newer longer, and, consider this, a spotless, well-kept interior will likely be a value-add when it’s time to trade in your car for an updated ride. When you buy your next vehicle, it is wise to invest in the one-time option that will guarantee you’ll enjoy your purchase and its fresh, ‘brand new’ appearance year after year. Choose a dealership that offers the Crystal Fusion Interior Treatment. You’ll be glad you did!

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