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We are a nation of drivers who love our rides. For many of us, the thrill of new vehicle ownership mandates that we take to the roadways, no matter how they are or are not paved. On average, we drive 14,263 miles per year, which is less than most Americans drove before the Pandemic. However, throughout the nation, the accident rate has increased! While 94% of vehicular accidents are attributed to driver error, over 20% are due to poor visibility. That metric underscores the need to consider the condition of auto windshields, and to take optimal care of them. Did you know? A hydrophobic windshield application by the dealership at the time of purchase can greatly increase driver visibility and passenger safety. It’s a simple axiom: greater visibility = greater safety. And there are several other important benefits as well.

When making a significant purchase, such as a new car, truck, SUV, or RV, the costs can add up quickly. Given the sobering statistics mentioned above, instead of refusing your dealer’s suggestion to apply a one-time windshield application as unnecessary, consider it a value-add. In this scenario, the value-add is increased visibility, therefore safety. That’s because applying Crystal FusionTM creates both durability and clarity in the glass. You might not realize it, but the surface of the glass is not as smooth as it seems to your touch. In fact, its surface rises and dips creating hollows where particles can accumulate. Crystal FusionTM, as a hydrophobic windshield protectant, forms a chemical bond that fills the voids and smooths the raised surfaces. It makes your windshield glass stronger and more resistant to damage. Additionally, it enables your wipers to wick away rain, sleet, and even ice crystals more effectively for increased visibility.

Just think what this one-time windshield application can mean in terms of years of safe driving. Remember we mentioned that nearly a quarter of accidents are due to poor visibility? A Crystal FusionTM treatment improves drivers’ visibility by as much as 34% in the rain. Additionally, should your windshield be struck by small road debris such as pebbles, twigs, etc. these are far less likely to cause damage such as chips or cracks. Yet another bonus: Crystal FusionTM also reduces glare, which additionally improves driver visibility and response time. We think you’ll agree that when driving under challenging weather and/or road conditions every second counts. Indeed, when traveling at 65 MPH, one second of reaction time equals 88 feet of stopping distance or up to 7 car lengths.

So if you are thinking about buying a new vehicle, be sure to opt for a dealer who offers Crystal FusionTM.  We invite dealers to inquire about franchise opportunities to increase their competitive edge by offering this superior windshield application to your customers.

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