Protective Benefits to Applying Premium Ceramic Coating on Your New Car

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For most new vehicle owners, as they drive away from the dealership with another new ride, they are also dreaming of the day when its car loan is paid off and our car, truck, or SUV is finally and fully theirs. They’ll take the best care that they can of it with routine washing, vacuuming the interior, and waxing the finish as needed. Over time, however, and often long before their loan is exhausted, the finish of their vehicle will start to show its age as well. It is understood that our automobiles’ value will depreciate with age, but there is no reason that our vehicles have to look older than they are! Dealers who have seen the value in offering their customers the protective Crystal FusionTM windshield application will doubtless want to consider the additional option of applying a premium ceramic coating to the finish of their customers’ new vehicles. Here’s why:

Just as the Crystal FusionTM  treatment bonds to windshield glass to form a molecular bond that increases visibility while protecting the surface against damage, our premium ceramic coating provides that same level of protection against damage and wear. It minimizes the possibility of surface scuffs and scratches that, over time, will wear away the surface until its luster and structure are gone. It provides a perfect storm for the development of rust and further degrades the vehicle’s resale value. However, one application of Crystal FusionTM ceramic coating for cars ensures years of the following benefits:  Creates a hydrophobic surface that bonds with the painted finish to protect the surface and fill in microscopic gaps.

  • Painted surfaces receive an attractive, enhanced, protective gloss finish.
  • This means the surface will be easier to keep clean and may be kept clean with less effort.
  • The ceramic coating provides less possibility of sun fade through oxidation. Color remains brighter longer.
  • The treated surface is highly weather resistant. This means snow, ice, and dirt are removed more easily. Road tar is less likely to adhere.
  • The finished surface is both scuff and scratch resistant.
  • The finished surface also resists graffiti.

This one time application provides customers with peace of mind that their new vehicle will maintain its showroom new appearance season after season and mile after mile. Given that many drivers are keeping their rides far longer than ever before, this premium ceramic coating option should sell itself! One application of Crystal FusionTM  on their paint, wheels, molding, and plastic ensures they’ll spend less time cleaning and maintaining their ride, and more time enjoying and admiring it!

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