The Right Way to Clean Auto Glass

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When protecting  your vehicle’s glass surfaces, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Sure you can grab the spray you use on your home’s windows – it will get the job done. But shortly you’ll see an oil slick like haze on your windshield which can obscure your vision and cause safety issues when driving. You might take a trip to the auto supply store looking for an auto glass cleaner, formulated just for your vehicle’s glass surfaces. That’s not the solution. It’s better to consider an ideal safety feature before you take ownership of your new ride. Ask your dealer about Crystal Fusion’s ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating.

Today’s drivers are in it for the long haul. We are keeping our vehicles far longer than our parents did. It is a sound idea to spend money upfront on Crystal Fusion’s ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating that will not only keep your vehicle’s glass surfaces cleaner, but also bond with the glass itself to provide an additional layer of protection against potential chips, cracks, and other damage caused by road debris. That offers far more value and safety than a spray bottle of car glass cleaner!

Another great feature of Crystal Fusion’s ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating is that it wicks away rain, dust, road grime, and more so that your vehicle’s glass surfaces stay cleaner longer. This way, when you drag out the spray bottle auto glass cleaner from the big box store and a roll of paper towels, you’ll be amazed at how infrequently you’ll have to perform this chore.

Crystal Fusion is not just for windshields. We recommend treating all the glass in your vehicle for the clarity of vision that ensures safety every time you drive. To learn more about Crystal Fusion ultra-hydrophobic coatings, contact us today!

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