Benefits to Using a Panel Prep Surface Cleaner

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Anyone who has painted the interior of their home knows that the most time should be spent preparing the surface to receive the paint. The better the surface, the more professional, attractive, and durable the finished job. That means any surface damage must be repaired first, then finely sanded to appear invisible, as well as a primer applied, all before the final color is brushed or rolled on. It is the same for your car’s finishes. To keep your ride looking showroom new takes more than just an occasional coating of Carnauba Wax. That’s why Crystal FusionTM

offers our revolutionary Graphene Coating and Ceramic Coating products. Applied as a panel prep, Graphene Coating and Ceramic Coating creates an additional protective layer to your car’s painted surfaces. Here’s how to keep your vehicle’s finish protected for years to come:

Features and Benefits of Graphene Panel Prep Coating:

  • Oxide additive increases finish’s resilience to water-spotting (hydrophobicity).
  • Provides easier maintenance of your car’s finish.
  • High ratings for durability.
  • Creates an additional layer of protection on painted surfaces
  • Creates a highly glossy, slick finish.
  • Coating adds up to 5 years of protection

Features and Benefits of Ceramic Panel Prep Coating:

  • Super hydrophobic coating
  • Offers superior protection against water spotting, fading from UV rays, and improved chemical stain resistance.
  • Enables quick cleaning of dirt, grime, and other contaminants.
  • Creates an additional layer of protection to all painted surfaces.
  • Enhanced surface gloss and depth.
  • Can protect surfaces up to 5 years.

Both Crystal FusionTM ‘s Graphene Coating and Ceramic Coatings are easy to apply:

Step 1: Wash vehicle prior to applying panel prep surface cleaner to remove any contaminants, or residual chemicals.

Step 2: Apply 6-8 drops of coating to the microfiber applicator. Begin on the roof, and work down to the door panels to prevent marring the uncured coating.

Step 3: Work in 3’ x 3’ sections wiping the coating onto the paint in smooth, cross-hatching strokes. Start at the front of the vehicle and work back.

Step 4: When finished with one section, allow the surface to settle for up to two minutes. The coating will ‘flash’ and become tacky. Inspect the surface for any high spots and level them out gently with the microfiber applicator. Then move to the next section until complete.

At Crystal Fusion we know that you take pride in your ride. Be sure to use Crystal Fusion‘s Graphene Coating and Ceramic Coatings as well as our full line of surface protectant products to keep your vehicle looking showroom new for years to come! To learn more, contact us!

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