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When anyone thinks of Kentucky, the annual Run for the Roses, the Kentucky Derby, is usually the first thing that springs to mind. Also known as the ‘fastest two minutes in sports’, this annual event has drawn thousands of spectators every year since 1875 and is a hallowed state tradition. On Derby Day, the infield at Churchill Downs hosts 80,000 celebrants, which caps a week of events leading up to the big race. Kentucky residents love horses and while the Derby is renowned the world over, Kentucky is also a destination for visitors touring Mammoth Cave, and the Louisville Slugger museum which of course displays baseball memorabilia. Over 79 million tourists visit the state every year, traveling on over 78,000 miles of public roadways. While state-maintained roads get high marks, the rural, country byways do not. Kentucky residents who are planning to buy a new vehicle can opt for a value-add at their dealership that will make driving on gravel and unpaved surfaces less hazardous: a Crystal FusionTM hydrophobic coating installation.

Kentucky dealerships who want to get a leg up on their competition should get on board with this service. A Crystal FusionTM windshield treatment at a Kentucky car, truck, or RV dealership will ensure years of carefree driving without concern about a possible cracked or damaged windshield or the safety issues caused by poor visibility. Offer your customers Crystal FusionTM, and you’ll be offering them peace of mind, unconcerned about small road debris impacting their windshields.

How does this windshield treatment for Kentucky vehicle owners work? This exclusive two-step application process chemically reacts to silicon dioxide. That’s the main substrate in glass production. The process changes the glass surface’s properties to increase its strength and visual clarity. It forms a molecular bond. Best of all, this durable bond is permanent and will stand up to severe weather and all that it entails: rain, snow, ice, wind, and stray pebbles. It is a one-time application on your new vehicle which is easily maintained to provide optimum performance for the lifetime of your windshield. Occasional touch-ups keep your windshield visibility optimal in all kinds of weather.

Now that you know Crystal FusionTM bonds with your windshield to protect it against damage, you should know that it also protects you and your passengers by increasing visibility. This molecular bonding allows your wipers to wick away even a torrential downpour so that you maintain clear vision through your windshield, thereby ensuring occupant safety. You can’t get that kind of protection in an over-the-counter, wax-based spray! Do not think that there is any comparison between products available at the big box stores either. Only Crystal FusionTM offers protection and safety in our hydrophobic coating installation. Kentucky new car owners will quickly see the advantages of investing in the Crystal FusionTM treatment at your dealership.

Now that you know about Crystal FusionTM there’s no need to Google ‘hydrophobic coating installation Kentucky’. You know it will be a top-selling add-on with your new vehicle customers. Learn more about the value and safety provided by the Crystal FusionTM windshield treatment. Kentucky automotive dealers are welcome to make inquiries.

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