Windshield Treatment Services in Ohio


Throughout Ohio there are many attractions, places to visit, and things to do. The top draws for locals and visitors alike are the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Cleveland Museum of Art, renowned for its Asian and Egyptian art collection, and of course, in Sandusky, Cedar Point Amusement Park featuring its 17 legendary roller coasters. Every year, Ohio hosts over 201 million visitors who travel an average of 400 miles on the state’s roadways. According to a recent insurance company survey, however, roadways in Ohio ranked 28 in the nation, with about 18% of its roads in poor condition. That’s small consolation for anyone who has had to contend with a windshield that cracked or was broken by road debris. What if there was a windshield treatment for Ohio drivers that would prevent this from happening? Well, there is! Read on!

More and more Ohioans who are considering purchasing a new vehicle are looking for ways to increase and hold its value. They may already be looking for a dealership that offers the Crystal Fusion™ windshield treatment. Ohio dealerships that offer this durable hydrophobic coating installation to Ohio drivers will likely increase both their vehicle and windshield treatment sales. Consumers are learning that Crystal Fusion™ not only protects their windshields but adds an extra measure of safety for both drivers and passengers.

How is this possible? Hydrophobic coatings actually bond molecularly with windshield glass to offer great protection as well as vastly improved visibility. A recent study noted that vehicular accidents increase by almost 20% when visibility is poor. That metric alone justifies spending a few extra dollars at the time your customers purchase their car, truck, SUV, or RV. And since many interstate drivers in non-commuter hours are families en route to an out-of-state destination, doesn’t their family merit this additional safety feature? All it takes is a one-time application at your dealership along with occasional touch-ups for continuous optimal performance for the lifetime of the windshield. Consumers will want to buy their next vehicle from a dealer who offers the Crystal Fusion™ windshield treatment. Ohio drivers are learning to ask for Crystal Fusion™ for improved visibility and safety!

Finding a dealer who offers the Crystal Fusion™ hydrophobic coating installation in Ohio may be difficult, yet consumer requests for our product are increasing exponentially. That’s why if you are an automotive, truck, and RV dealer, we invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with our team to discuss Crystal Fusion’s benefits to both your customers and your dealership.

Learn what it takes to become a Crystal Fusion™ dealer along with all its advantages, contact us today!

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