Windshield Treatment Services in New Hampshire


In New Hampshire drivers with even a small chip in their windshields may be pulled over by law enforcement and fined. And, it’s not called the ‘Granite State’ for nothing! Pebbles, and other small road debris are most often the culprits when a windshield crack appears. What drivers may not realize is that the so-called ‘comprehensive’ auto insurance policy they paid extra for isn’t quite what they thought it would be. True, it offers full glass coverage, but only after a sometimes sizable deductible has been reached. Sadly, the time to find out how ‘good’ our auto insurance coverage is is when we need it most! It does not have to be that way, however.

What if you could avoid having to submit an auto insurance claim altogether? If you are thinking about buying or leasing a new vehicle it is the ideal time to consider having a hydrophobic coating installation. New Hampshire dealerships may offer the revolutionary windshield coating process known as Crystal Fusion™. Available at the time you buy your vehicle, this two-step process creates a molecular bond with your windshield’s glass. The result is a durable, less crack-prone surface that only needs an occasional touch up to keep your windshield damage-free, and the driver and vehicle occupants safer as well.

When consumers buy a new car, truck, SUV, or commercial vehicle, this is a considerable expense and they may be looking to cut costs. But as explained above, instead of hoping their insurance will cover a possible need for windshield replacement, the Crystal Fusion™ process often avoids this issue entirely. Statistically, in the course of a driving lifetime, one can expect to replace their windshield 3 or more times. What if it could be avoided entirely? And even if one’s insurance deductible has been met, the inconvenience of being without a car even for a day is stressful.
There is another important feature to the Crystal Fusion™ process: safety. The bonded surface wicks away debris and rain immediately and offers drivers a clearer view. This safety element cannot be measured in dollars, especially if the vehicle is the family car.

So if you are searching online for the best ‘windshield treatment new hampshire’ be sure to simply search for ‘Crystal Fusion™’ instead. This process is unlike any other and cannot be replicated by an over the counter product purchased from a big-box or auto parts store. As for dealership managers in the state, we’d like to hear from you! We’ll be glad to answer your questions, give you an overview of our product, and make you aware that offering the Crystal Fusion™ process at your dealership is a win-win for everyone!

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