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South Carolina is a tourist destination and a delight for year-round residents. Its chief attractions include the picturesque city of Charleston, upscale Hilton Head, historic Fort Sumter, centuries-old plantations, and so much more. However, as millions of drivers take to the roadways every year, here are some sobering facts from the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT currently spends $415 million annually on road and highway pavement repairs and reconstruction. However, this represents less than half (46 percent) of the $900 million needed annually to significantly improve the state’s major roads and highways. What this means to drivers in South Carolina is that ⅔ of the state’s roadways need repair. Therefore, a cracked or broken windshield could well be in every driver’s future. Happily, there is an option for those purchasing a new vehicle soon: a windshield treatment at your South Carolina dealership can reduce or eliminate the possibility of windshield repair or replacement.

That solution is Crystal Fusion™, a hydrophobic coating installation in South Carolina that is available only through select dealerships for your RV, car, truck, and commercial vehicles. Make no mistake, Crystal Fusion™ is the real deal and online copycat products and big box store wannabees cannot compare. Our product is truly revolutionary. It molecularly bonds with glass to create an ultra-hydrophobic surface. That means this process will cause water to micro-bead, thereby offering protection against natural elements, road debris, etc. Its value is immeasurable in terms of safety and performance. The formula is intended for use on auto glass surfaces and is so unlike any other product that it carries a patent. It is not, repeat not, available in stores for consumer application.

In fact, Crystal Fusion™ is only applied as a two-step process to new vehicles at the dealership by trained personnel. The result is a surface barrier that repels water, ice, snow, mud, insects, twigs and branches, and even small but potentially dangerous road debris. Additionally, Crystal Fusion™ allows better visibility even through extreme driving conditions and therefore creates a greater margin of driver and passenger safety.

This feature is a great add-on for commercial vehicles in South Carolina, known for its hurricane season featuring gale-force winds. A hydrophobic coating installation in South Carolina offers 24/7/365 protection against the elements and more. This is significant as South Carolina has a 79.7% annual rating by the National Weather Service that a tropical storm will make landfall, likely making driving hazardous and visibility near zero. This makes Crystal Fusion™ an imperative for anyone leasing a fleet or purchasing a commercial vehicle, as their safety and their livelihood depend on their ability to get to their customers no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Think about how offering CFT’s Crystal Fusion™ windshield treatment at your South Carolina dealership will enhance the value of any leased or purchased vehicle, as well as provide substantial protection and increased windshield visibility.

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