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As one of the original 13 United States, Maine has long been known for two things: lobster and as one of the top places to visit in the nation. Its over 22,236 miles of highway connect travelers and residents with some of the prettiest scenery including a rugged coastline along much of the state. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, drivers value their commercial, commuter, and recreational vehicles. In 2017 almost 400,000 automobiles and about 4,500 buses were registered in Maine. This offers dealerships who cater to fleet leases as well as new vehicle purchases an important opportunity to provide new car, bus, and truck owners and lessees to include a safety feature: a Crystal Fusion™ windshield treatment at their Maine dealership.

Crystal Fusion™ is a hydrophobic coating installation that is available only through select dealerships for RVs, cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Do not confuse Crystal Fusion™ with copycat products that are available from big box stores or online. This revolutionary product molecularly bonds with the glass to create an ultra-hydrophobic surface. Its value is immeasurable in terms of safety and performance. The process will cause water to micro-bead, thereby offering protection against natural elements, road debris, etc. The formula is intended for use on auto glass surfaces and is so unlike any other product that it carries a patent. Crystal Fusion™ is applied as a two-step process to new vehicles at the dealership. The result is a surface barrier that repels water, ice, snow, mud, insects, twigs and branches, and even small but potentially dangerous road debris. Crystal Fusion™ allows better visibility even through extreme driving conditions and therefore greater safety.

This feature is a great add-on for commercial vehicles in Maine, known for its harsh and long winters. A hydrophobic coating installation in Maine offers 24/7/365 protection against the elements and more. This is significant as the annual Maine snowfall is up to 70 inches along the coast and 110 inches inland. Also, frequent Northeasters can drop significant amounts of snow in a matter of hours. This makes Crystal Fusion™ an imperative for anyone leasing a fleet or purchasing a commercial vehicle as their safety and their livelihood depend on their ability to get to their customers no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Think about how offering CFT’s Crystal Fusion™ windshield treatment at your Maine dealership will enhance the value of any leased or purchased vehicle as well as provide substantial protection and increased windshield visibility.

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