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Vermont is a year-round paradise, offering great sporting activities including skiing, hunting, boating, and snowmobiling, in its great outdoors. The state is also known for its breathtaking Fall when the crisp air summons thousands of weekend visitors to ‘Leaf Peep’ at the spectacular Fall foliage, also to enjoy cider and sweet treats made with the state’s most famous product, maple syrup. The quality of life is great in Vermont, and not even the harshest winter can deter visitors to the state to enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and just to sit by the fire at an Inn, bed and breakfast, or four-star resort. There are over 25,000 snowmobiles registered in Vermont alone, and over 9 million RVs nationwide. Dealers can garner a greater market share by offering a revolutionary product at the point of sale that will increase driver visibility and overall safety: Crystal Fusion™ windshield treatment at their Vermont dealership.

At last count, Vermont had 97 new car/truck dealers, 38 motorcycle dealers, 32 all-terrain vehicle dealers, 30 snowmobile dealers, and 37 motorboat dealers. Help your dealership to stand out from the competition by offering the revolutionary Crystal Fusion™ hydrophobic coating installation. Do not confuse Crystal Fusion™ with cheap, and temporary copycat products available from the big box stores or on the internet. Available only through select dealerships for RVs, cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles, Crystal Fusion™ molecularly bonds with glass to create an ultra-hydrophobic surface. This process increases visibility and surface protection thereby increasing safety and performance.

The resultant bond causes water to micro-bead, to protect against natural elements, road debris, and more. Intended for use on auto glass surfaces the formula is so unlike any other available product that it carries a patent. Applied as a two-step process to new vehicles at the dealership, Crystal Fusion™ creates a surface barrier that repels water, ice, snow, mud, insects, twigs and branches, and even small yet dangerous road debris. Additionally, Crystal Fusion™ allows better visibility even through extreme driving conditions and therefore greater safety.

What dealer wouldn’t want to provide their customers with a value add-on windshield treatment at their Vermont dealership that will protect new owners and lessees as well as potentially increase their vehicle’s resale value?

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