Windshield Treatment Services in Delaware


North Carolina boasts over 107, 348 miles of public roads, of which 89.1% are considered ‘good or fair’ by international roadway standards. ‘Good or fair’ does not bode well for your windshield, as it only takes one chip from flying debris to become a long crack overnight. In this state, regulations concerning driving with a cracked windshield are largely discretionary. That means an officer can pull you over if they believe your windshield violates the state’s obstruction laws. In this instance, immediate repair/replacement and an inspection are required. Why risk the interruption in your life? Or the safety of yourself and your passengers? If you are thinking about buying a new car, truck, SUV, or RV, be sure to opt for a dealer whose services include the Crystal FusionTM hydrophobic coating installation. North Carolina drivers who do not have comprehensive insurance coverage can expect a hefty deductible if it becomes necessary to replace their windshield.

We know that a new vehicle is a considerable expense for many of us, and no one wants to pay more than they have to for their new ride. Look at Crystal FusionTM  this way- as a value-add that pays for itself mile after every mile that your vehicle does not sustain windshield damage, and as a safety feature that can potentially prevent an accident. A recent study found that accidents increase by over 20% when visibility is poor.

Now that you are convinced of its value, learn more about how the Crystal FusionTM  treatment works. It is an exclusive two-step application process that chemically reacts to silicon dioxide. That’s the main substrate in glass production. This process alters the glass surface’s properties. The result:  increased glass strength and improved visual clarity. One application will stand up to severe weather including: rain, snow, ice, wind, small branches, and stray pebbles. Remember, it is a one time application on your new vehicle which is easily maintained to provide optimum performance for the lifetime of your windshield.

Now that you know Crystal FusionTM bonds with your windshield to protect it against damage, you should know that it also protects you and your passengers by increasing visibility. This molecular bonding allows your wipers to wick away even an intense downpour so that you maintain clear vision through your windshield, thereby ensuring occupant safety. Do not think that there is any comparison between products sold at the big box stores. Only Crystal FusionTM offers protection and safety in our hydrophobic coating installation. North Carolina is known for its tourism to the Outer Banks, as well as its crowded interstate highways. Just remember, you’ll enjoy years of peace of mind and improved visibility when you opt for the Crystal FusionTM treatment. So make it a point to buy your next vehicle from a dealer who offers this valuable service!

Learn more about the value and safety provided by the Crystal FusionTM windshield treatment. North Carolina automotive dealers are also welcome to make inquiries. Contact us today!

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