Winter Driving: Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Water Repellent Products

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We shouldn’t have to tell you how dangerous the roads can be, even when they’re dry. Add some slippery roads and decreased visibility and you just might have a situation on your hands – but you don’t have to!

A premium application treatment from Crystal Fusion™ will make your windshield snow and water repellent, making your car or SUV safer than ever. Rain, snow, and sleet will simply fall off your windshield when driving without leaving any distracting marks or streaks so you can see more clearly and react more timely. Unlike other brands that wear off in a few months, Crystal Fusion™ equips your windshield with a hydrophobic barrier treatment that bonds onto the glass on a molecular level. This creates a durable, long-lasting water repellent windshield that will completely upgrade your driving experience. This treatment also repels more than water – you’ll also notice far less moisture, dust, and small debris all-year-round because the application levels out all of the microscopic holes and crevices for a micro-smooth finish.

If that’s not enough, a state-of-the-art Crystal Fusion™ windshield treatment also protects you in frigid conditions. The aforementioned hydrophobic coating contains elite water repellent properties designed to drastically improve driver visibility in the snow and even in icy conditions.

When it comes to safety on the road, there is no need for you to compromise. Today’s technology in the form of Crystal Fusion’s™ amazing windshield coating will help you see clearer and react faster so you can protect the things that matter most. If you’re interested in a higher degree of protection, you can find a dealer that will happily apply our groundbreaking product to your windshield.

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