What You Need to Know About Auto Ceramic Coatings

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For a list of reasons, there was a time where most people would lease and/or trade-in their cars after just a few years. Now people are seeing the value of holding on to their vehicles for almost as long as possible. The longer you have your car on the road, the more wear it endures,  taking away that ‘newness’ a mile at a time.

But this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

Crystal Fusion’s auto ceramic coating forms a protective finish bond to the surface of your vehicle, which creates a powerful shield for years. This acts to prevent minor scratches and scuffs that deepen over the years.

Though in reality, you’re getting more than enhanced protection from scratches. In fact, our auto ceramic coating works to heavily resist the fade and oxidation from the sun that wears paint down, making them look twice as old. Your car will also resist mother nature while maintaining that great ‘wet look’ it had when you pulled out of the dealership. Your car’s paint will be graffiti-resistant and so much easier to clean.

What about the cost?

The upfront costs of new auto ceramic coating can vary, but as with most investments, can appear costly at first. We understand the concern. But imagine all of the costs you’ll undergo over the course of 5 years without this state-of-the-art auto ceramic coating. In reality, you’ll be paying a little more upfront in an effort to save money in the long run. All while getting to enjoy the straight-out-of-the-dealership look for years after pulling out of the lot. You can enjoy that “new car” experience that people get from leasing new cars while being the owner.

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