What Makes Hydrophobic Coatings the Best Car Windshield Protectors?

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It’s not out of the ordinary for someone to want to protect their car’s windshield in the long-term. After all, having a clear, durable windshield improves visibility for safer driving, even in the rain and snow. Plus, an extra layer of protection prevents nicks and cracks that can be very expensive down the road.

With that said, we at Crystal Fusion think it’s absolutely worth noting that not all car windshield protectors are created equal. The proof is in the chemistry. Let’s compare our state-of-the-art hydrophobic windshield coating to a conventional wax-based car windshield protector.

Typically, wax-based protectors do a decent job of repelling water… for a given time. The truth is, wax-based windshield protectors are designed to be (very) temporary, just like car wax is. You’ll get (maybe) a few months of mediocre protection before you have to buy more and re-apply. Imagine having to repurchase and reapply a new car windshield protector 4-5 times per year. Sounds exhausting, right? Especially when you consider the limited protection they offer.

With Crystal Fusion’s ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating, you’ll enjoy a lot more than a water-repellent windshield and for much longer. In fact, our top-of-the-line car windshield protector creates a reinforcing bond on a molecular level. This enhanced layer of protection features anti-glare properties so you won’t be blinded on the highway during that time of day. By molecularly bonding to your windshield, you’ll notice a much smoother, harder-to-crack glass that will hold up for years. Without having to apply anything yourself.

When it comes down to it, wax-based coatings provide a temporary, bare-minimum level of protection while our car windshield protector actually strengthens the glass. Wax-based protection is kind of like putting on a band-aid when you need reconstructive surgery.

So don’t settle!

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