Hydrophobic Coating Helps Prevent Windshield Glass Damage

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The roads can be a dangerous place, not just for you, but for your car’s windshield too. It’s just part of driving (especially on highways) – between projectile rocks/pebbles coming from industrial trucks to seemingly-invisible potholes, your windshield glass is at risk.

So what can you do?

While there are no ways to halt the everyday hazards of the roads, you can enhance your windshield with our patented hydrophobic coating. This isn’t like that cookie-cutter wax you get at the auto shop for a few bucks – hydrophobic coating bonds with your windshield glass on a molecular level to strengthen its bond for enhanced durability.

How It Works

Believe it or not, stock windshield glass contains thousands of microscopic hills, peaks, and valleys. You may not think anything of it at first, but remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link… or in this case, glass. These tiny crevices make your windshield vulnerable to the elements, which is why windshield cracks are so common.

Hydrophobic coating is a two-step application that works to alter the actual properties of the surface of your glass, increasing its strength and durability in the process. Unlike those feeble wax-based products, hydrophobic coating strengthens your windshield glass at its core. It’s like getting invasive surgery vs using a cheap band-aid.

Additional Benefits

If enhanced durability and peace of mind aren’t enough, hydrophobic coating also repels water and provides anti-glare as well. Are you interested in a safer, better-protected driving experience?

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