Tips on Protecting and Maintaining Your Windshield

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Routinely maintaining a strong windshield is essential for safe travels and avoiding costly windshield replacement over time. Naturally, there are common, household remedies, as well as some lesser-known best practices for effective car protection, so we’ll break down the 5 that will get you the most bang for your buck.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers Often

As windshield wipers wear over time, they begin to lose their original shape. As a result, they’ll slowly lose their ability to wipe away water effectively and will eventually start applying unnecessary pressure on certain parts of your windshield. This uneven pressure won’t cause severe damage to your windshield by itself, but when combined with other factors, it can worsen its shape and make matters worse.

Don’t Drive Around With Chips or Cracks In Your Windshield

We know the feeling – you’re driving down the highway and an incoming pebble cracks a small part of your windshield. At first, you want to pretend it didn’t happen; sometimes you don’t even notice it in the first place. But even the smallest cracks or chips can escalate rather quickly. The longer you drive with a compromised windshield, the more you risk having to replace it altogether.

Avoid Applying Harsh Chemicals

The use of certain chemicals can cause discoloration and actually start stripping away the protective coating on your glass. This coating helps to keep your windshield glass strong and able to take on life’s natural obstacles, so compromising this would not be wise for conventional car protection. Be sure to only use automaker-approved cleaning products to avoid this risk outright.

Be Mindful Of The Weather

Drastic fluctuations in temperature causes glass to expand and contract. This hot, cold, hot, cold process can add wear to your glass, causing it to weaken. If temperatures get to be really high, consider finding ways to prevent direct exposure, such as parking in the shade.

Invest In Hydrophobic Coating For Long-Term Car Protection

Hydrophobic coating works to fortify and protect your car windshield glass on a molecular level. This will help your windshield resist water, glare, and unexpected damage, such as chips from projectiles and potholes.

Great news! Fool-proof car protection is within reach!

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