Why You Need Hydrophobic Coating for Your Windshield

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Windshields play a critical role in the safety of both vehicle drivers and passengers. Mundane things like the function of a horn, the tread life on a tire, or even the clarity of a vehicle’s windows can play a crucial role. Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported over six million car accidents occur every year in the United States alone. Many of these accidents occur during storm events when slick roads and poor visibility can lead to catastrophe.

While many of these incidents are simple fender benders, many are serious events that could be avoided with simple safety measures. One of these safety precautions that are overlooked is with your windshield. Drivers who apply coating for their windshield readily available at the dealership upon purchase of a vehicle have more visibility in rain, snow, and fog

As with life, some situations on the road are simply unavoidable. But you can prevent a catastrophe if you can see it coming.

See Accidents Coming From A Mile Away

It’s no secret that consumers when searching for a vehicle, seek safety features that provide accident avoidance.  This is why new cars now come standard with things like rearview cameras and collision avoidance systems. However, taking proactive measures in preventing accidents is key. Checking breaks and tires for signs of wear and tear helps. But for prime visibility, that’s where hydrophobic coating for your windshield comes in.

Did you know your windshield actually has microscopic bumps and crevices, even though it feels smooth? These small bumps actually make your windshield vulnerable because they act as weak spots that are susceptible to cracks and chips when getting hit with a pebble on the highway or running over a large pothole. Once more, they can also produce streaks, making your windshield wipers less effective when driving through the elements.

But there is a solution!

Rather than wax-based applicators, most people use to cut corners with, hydrophobic coating from Crystal Fusion Technologies actually bonds with your windshield on a molecular level to smooth over those microscopic bumps and crevices for smooth, reinforced glass that’ll protect you long-term. Even better, investing in hydrophobic coating for your windshield will repel water and make for a clearer commute, regardless of the weather.

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