What is Hydrophobic Coating?

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Most everyday wax-based windshield coatings act much like traditional car wax, you get a nice temporary shine that fades. As with any process that treats the symptoms, rather than the cause, you’ll find yourself in a constant cycle of maintenance, just to experience inevitable wear. This makes users have to buy more wax and reapply – rinse and repeat.

If this seems exhausting off the bat, that’s because it is. But luckily, there’s a way to avoid this time and money-draining hassle – hydrophobic coating from Crystal Fusion Technologies.

What is Hydrophobic Coating?

This goes far beyond the temporary “band-aid” fix you’ll get with wax-based windshield products. Instead, it attacks the problem at its source. Whether you know it or not, your windshield is covered in microscopic bumps, dents, and crevices. This is actually the natural state of glass, which is why it’s typically so vulnerable to breaking. These microscopic cracks act as “the weakest link”, making your windshield susceptible to larger cracks and chips when driving.

Instead of temporarily reinforcing your windshield, hydrophobic coating actually bonds the glass on a molecular level, reinforcing the microscopic imperfections in the process. By doing so, you’re strengthening your windshield’s weak spots for good.

If that wasn’t enough, the bonding of your windshield also makes it smoother on a molecular level as well. This makes it all the more difficult for water to stick to the surface, making driving through the rain and snow a breeze.

So what is hydrophobic coating? It’s the long-term, professional alternative to reinforcing your windshield. Interested in seeing it in action?

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