Why Hydrophobic Coating Provides Superior RV Windshield Protection

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When taking your RV out, you’re all about catching up on some R&R – just like you deserve! But what happens when disaster strikes, like a sudden rainstorm catching you off guard on your way to your vacation spot. You don’t have the time or headspace to worry about your RV windshield – that’s why you’re taking a vacation in the first place. Well, with the state-of-the-art auto glass protection from Crystal Fusion Technologies, you won’t have to!

Hydrophobic Properties Make All The Difference

There are certainly areas in your life that allow for corner-cutting. Your safety on the road simply shouldn’t be one of them. After all, why risk all of the things you’ve worked so hard for? With Crystal Fusion Technology’s hydrophobic windshield coating for RV’s, you’re doing so much more than globbing over a temporary layer of protection for your windshield. You’re actually enhancing your windshield’s performance by fortifying its important properties at its core. That’s because our protection is designed to take your RV windshield to the next level by forming an enhanced bond that strengthens and clears up your windshield.

How It Works

Every RV windshield, no matter how new and smooth-looking it may be, is covered with millions of microscopic bumps and cracks on its surface. Our coating bonds your windshield on a microscopic level, covering these bumps by the molecule. This makes for a noticeably smoother windshield that causes rain to just fall off, resulting in a safer, more pleasant vacation for your whole family! Don’t settle for cheap, wax-based products – invest in the very best for your RV so you can enjoy every moment with it.

Interested in seeing how it works first-hand? Find a local distributor or dealership near you!

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