If Neither Rain Nor Snow Keeps You From Your Appointed Rounds…You Need Crystal Fusion!

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Postal workers, doctors, repair technicians and contractors, food services, news reporters, even newspaper delivery persons, many of us have primary and/or secondary jobs where we have to be out on the road in our personal vehicles, regardless of the season or the weather conditions. Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra measure of driving safety that gives you, and your loved ones, peace of mind? A product that provides better visibility in bad weather? A snow repellent for cars, trucks, and SUVs? That additional degree of safety comes with every Crystal Fusion™ application. 

For those who are skittish about winter driving, Crystal Fusion™ provides the ideal snow repellent for cars and SUVs. Crystal Fusion™ isn’t a treatment that wears off in a few months, but rather a Hydrophobic barrier treatment that bonds molecularly with glass. This action will provide long-lasting properties to increase visibility, especially when it snows, and wicks-away moisture, dust, and small debris year-round.

Today’s standard of living often requires folks to have a second or weekend job. Many find employment making deliveries such as meal orders, or newspapers, or even as utility repair workers. Their cars are pressed into service despite how low the barometer dips or when the forecast warns of an impending storm front. As in theatre, the show must go on. If this sounds like you, as a weekend warrior you’ll appreciate the extra measure of safety that Crystal Fusion™ can offer. 

So if you have to be out, regardless of threatening skies, know that there is a snow repellent for cars that will make your windshield immune to the effects of pelting show to facilitate clearer driving visibility. That product is Crystal Fusion™. Ask about it at your dealership. And, for dealers who would like to know more, just fill out our form to become a dealer or independent distributor. You’ll be providing a great service to the drivers in your community!

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