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The Best Liquid Glass for Windshields Product is the Best Product for Every Automotive Glass Surface!

Industry-wide, Crystal Fusion™ is the leading in providing state-of-the-art, durable, and dependable auto windshield protection. The fused glass coating not only improves driver visibility, but also reduces glare -day and night- and forms a protective barrier against damage from small road debris. Did you know?  Crystal Fusion™  as a superior hydrophobic coating product can also be used for many other purposes. Think about it. Besides your windshield, what other automotive parts are made from glass? Wouldn’t these surfaces benefit from the same liquid glass for windshields treatment? From cars and trucks to boats, commercial vehicle glass, and even interior car surfaces including display panels and console coverings  Crystal Fusion™ is the clear solution for all of your vehicle glass coating and protection needs. Another bonus: Treated surfaces will be easier to clean to keep them dust and grime free far more easily! 

Bonded Auto Glass Has Many Benefits

Our advanced hydrophobic protection solution has been helping drivers see clearly on the road for many years. Yet, unlike other products claiming to provide the same benefits, ours goes above and beyond the automobile windshield industry standard. Dealers, be aware that customers will appreciate a Crystal Fusion™ application on their vehicle’s side-light glass, rear window glass, and even their sunroofs. In fact, all interior portions of any vehicle that are made from or with glass components will also benefit from Crystal Fusion™’s protection. One application and interior glass surfaces will stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Be sure to tell your customers, “If it’s made of glass, then Crystal Fusion™ is made for it!” Contact us to learn more! 

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