Important Facts To Tell Your Customers About Crystal FusionTM Hydrophobic Coating

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When new car and truck customers are considering how much their vehicle loan will cost them every month, it can be hard to upsell them on spending a penny more. But when the product is Crystal Fusion™, the best ultra hydrophobic coating on the market, as a dealer it is worth the effort to upsell new car owners on the product’s cost-effective and safety benefits. Make them see Crystal Fusion™ for what it is: a value-add product that will reap benefits for years and literally pay for itself the first time one is driving in inclement weather.

Your customers may have heard of the OTC products and think that they can apply them at home, just as they plan on washing and waxing the car every now and then. They need to understand the difference between a temporary product that does little more than wick away rain for a time, and a true ultra hydrophobic coating. The product they buy at the auto or big box store is little more than a bandaid cure.

No Comparison Between Crystal Fusion™ and OTC Products

Such products are not liquid glass and do not form a permanent bond with their windshield.  Crystal Fusion™’s ultra hydrophobic coating will provide protection for them and their families from glare, small road debris, as well as drain downpours quickly to increase driver visibility. This extra expense at the onset will pay huge dividends down the road for years to come.

So the best way to convince new vehicle owners that Crystal Fusion™ is one of the best investments they can make as a driver, is that there is no comparison between the OTC products they may be considering and that these will not protect them, their families, and their passengers from windshield damage, sun and headlight glare, as well as the peace of mind that increased driver visibility can bring to avoid a potential accident. All things considered, Crystal Fusion™ as an ultra hydrophobic coating, is one of the best bargains they’ll ever buy. Contact our team to learn more.  


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