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Many drivers looking to purchase a new vehicle are most interested in opting for the latest safety features such as lane departure, forward collision warning, rear-view cameras, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. These are great choices and in the coming years, are likely to become standard on most vehicles. But before you drive your new car, truck, SUV or even RV home, make sure you add another feature to your list of must-have options: Crystal Fusion™. As a precursor to these additional systems, it will protect your windshield from small road debris, as well as improve driver visibility in inclement weather. In short, it is the ounce of protection that can avoid if not eliminate the need for that pound of cure.

Make no mistake. As a high-quality hydrophobic coating, Crystal Fusion™ cannot be compared to OTC sprays that will actually impair visibility when the sun shines and wear off in weeks. Crystal Fusion™ automotive glass coating, however, actually bonds with windshield glass to form an impervious barrier and additional protection against wind-borne and road debris. It has been proven to increase driver visibility by as much almost 35%, too!

What to Look for in Automotive Glass Coatings

When illustrating driver and passenger safety, compare Crystal Fusion to a crystal bowl used to hold floral arrangements. Viewers can clearly see the stems, but the water does not percolate or form beads of condensation on the outside.

Many dealerships now offer the ideal hydrophobic solution- Crystal Fusion™. Especially, if you’ve purchased a car such as the Crystal Silver Mini Countryman, Crystal Fusion is a great option to protect your windshield while keeping your vision crystal (fusion™) clear! Contact us to learn more.

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