What Makes Crystal Fusion™ Better Than Any OTC Product

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Many drivers are keeping their cars and trucks longer than in previous decades. This can lead to sticker shock when they finally trade in their old vehicle for a new one. However, it is not a time to try and cut back on necessities, especially those that increase driver and passenger safety. Often at the dealership, resistance to options and add-ons will be encountered. Consumers may begin making pennywise and pound foolish decisions. For example, they may want to forgo the application of a car windshield protector, Crystal Fusion™, mistakenly thinking that an OTC product will provide the same results.

This is a time to remind consumers that ‘you get what you pay for’ and that Crystal Fusion™ is an option that pays for itself by providing both safety and protection. For starters, Crystal Fusion™ and an OTC product from the big box store are not ‘the same thing’ and cannot be expected to provide the same results. 

Which is the Ideal Car Windshield Protector?

Crystal Fusion™ is a hydrophobic formula that molecularly bonds with windshield glass to form a highly effective shield that lasts. This means that while driving in inclement weather that driver visibility will be improved, therefore stopping time and avoidance increases as well. The molecular bond creates a windshield that is far more resistant to chips and cracks from road debris and small stones. The OTC product is hydrophilic, and while it beads like Crystal Fusion™, it does not form a strong, impermeable molecular bond that lasts. Also, since the product is applied manually, the coating will likely be uneven and streak which can impair drivers’ visibility. Hydrophilic coatings do not provide any protection against possible damage from road debris, and the coating itself will wear away within a few months or less.

For most dealers, increased safety and liability protection are strong selling points. At BMW Mini dealerships, however, it’s easy to tie-in a Crystal Fusionpackage. The Crystal Silver Mini Countryman affords the ideal opportunity to upsell this great safety and protection package!

Another example: just as a crystal bowl stops percolation (seepage) but allows a clear view of its contents, when a windshield has been treated with Crystal Fusion the driver will see what’s ahead with greater clarity, even during a downpour. And when the sun is shining, unlike the results from OTC sprays purchased at the grocery or hardware store, driver vision remains clear and optimal. In short: Crystal Fusion™ and an OTC product are not the same thing and consumers should not think that they are receiving the same value and protection from an OTC product application.

To conclude, when making a big investment, such as a car, consumers’ attention can easily shift to their bottom line. That is the time to remind them that to save money long term, sometimes they have to invest a little upfront. A quality car windshield protector, Crystal Fusion™  is such a consideration. It pays for itself in both safety and protection for years to come- something money usually cannot buy.

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