How Liquid Glass Keeps Your Customers Safe

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Admit it or not, everyone appreciates entertainment featuring action heroes. Wouldn’t it be great to have one looking out for your best interests in your real life? Well, the science behind Crystal Fusion™ ensures that this hydrophobic coating will be ‘looking out’ for your customers’ windshields for as long as they own their car, truck, or use a treated fleet vehicle. That’s because Crystal Fusion™ not only provides improved visibility in challenging weather conditions but also increases the strength of windshield glass against road and wind-borne debris. Therefore, the treatment does not only protect glass but creates hydrophobic windows that provide an extra measure of security for vehicle occupants. Look at Crystal Fusion™ as the ounce of protection that delivers great value along with mile after mile of safer driving.

Here’s how it works:  unlike products sold in big box stores that do not carry the same properties as Crystal Fusion™ (and wash away in weeks), our patented, professionally-applied coating changes the actual properties of the glass’ surface. The result is glass that is stronger and more resistant to visibility issues caused by rain, snow, and ice (as well as sun glare). It also protects the windshield from damage caused by small rocks and other road or wind-borne debris. In short: hydrophobic windows are stronger windows.

It doesn’t matter what your customers drive. Thanks to Crystal Fusion™, it’s no longer an issue of when and under what kind of road conditions they drive, either. Hydrophobic windows are safer windows under every challenging road condition. That extra measure of security created by our ‘liquid glass’ coating ensures that this one-time easily maintained application will quickly pay for itself, and continue to deliver value year after year, and mile after mile.

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