Why Your Fleet Needs Crystal Fusion™

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Fleet managers must balance expenses that differ from those experienced by non-commercial drivers. Cars that are leased for the use of company employees will be out on sales and service calls, sometimes 24/7/365. That means higher mileage, driving in every type of weather condition and on every type of road surface- including unpaved job sites. The wear and tear on fleet, cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs will be higher as well as the cost to insure these vehicles. There is, however, one way to lower your overhead and operating costs, increase safety, and reduce insurance claims: with Crystal Fusion™ hydrophobic auto coating.

Do not confuse Crystal Fusion™ with water repellent products sold over the counter. These do not have the same properties as our hydrophobic auto coating and will wear off quickly. Instead, Crystal Fusion™ is a two-part application process that is professionally applied. The formula reacts with silicon dioxide, a component of glass, to actually change its surface to increase both clarity of vision, and window strength. Properly maintained, Crystal Fusion™ will continue to enable your fleet’s windshields to wick away rain, snow, ice, insects, and small road and wind debris.

It is easily understandable how better visibility can increase driver safety and reduce maintenance and repair costs. But also consider that a single chip in a windshield can quickly become a crack to necessitate glass replacement as well as an insurance claim. That is another reason why your fleet needs our proprietary hydrophobic auto coating, Crystal Fusion™. Every fleet vehicle that is sidelined for a repair loses money for your business. Think of the cost savings when your entire fleet is protected with Crystal Fusion™. Greater safety, lower maintenance and insurance costs = increased value for your money. To learn more, contact us today!

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