Recreational 4-Wheelers and RVs Have More Fun with Crystal Fusion™

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As anyone who goes ‘off-roading’ can tell you, recreational driving is an exhilarating experience. Going off the grid also means getting there via an RV which also serves as their temporary home and hotel. A new RV or 4-Wheeler is a major investment for many families, however, so they may be skittish about spending more money when their dealer pitches a clear hydrophobic coating for glass for their new mobile family member. There are ways to assist them to realize the value of spending a bit more upfront to ensure peace of mind and trouble-free recreation later.

Splashed mud, twigs, gravel, intense sun, a cloudburst- every off-road adventure includes many of these elements. Each has the potential to damage a windshield or to create a safety issue that can turn a day of fun and enjoyment into a side-trip on a flatbed to the garage or even the ER. It doesn’t have to be that way. Crystal Fusion™, the superior, clear hydrophobic coating for glass, enhances driver visibility in all types of weather: strong winds, inclement, and under harsh sun glare.

Crystal Fusion™ binds with the windshield’s porous surface to create a microscopic layer of smooth glass; an effective car glass shield. This strong and durable coating, applied at the dealership, will protect the vehicle’s windshield from damage and greatly improve driver visibility.  To demonstrate the value of Crystal Fusion™ to off-roaders, show them the video that puts our product to the test. They’ll soon see the value of our hydrophobic coating that prevents flung mud from adhering to the windshield and creating a safety hazard.

While great adventure awaits once off the paved roadway, so do small stones, twigs, mud puddles, and more. Show your customers how to make the most of every day spent off-the-beaten-path with Crystal Fusion™- the value-add that adds value mile after mile! For more information Contact Us.

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