Keep Your Customers’ Windshields Clear in Any Weather Condition

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There are many driving conditions consumers would like to avoid, but cannot. Aside from delivery personnel, your customers have to commute to their jobs, pick up the kids from school or their afterschool activities, make important appointments such as at the dentist or doctor. These are but a few examples where dealers can provide new car owners with additional peace of mind and all are great selling points for the ideal windshield repellent, Crystal Fusion™.

For most consumers, buying a new vehicle is an expensive proposition. After the ink is dry on the contract and the loan, they may be less inclined to spend more, mistakenly thinking that they can just apply a spray from the auto store and be done with it. Those products provide a superficial (not an even and durable) coating that quickly wears away and at no time provides the same windshield repellent protection as Crystal Fusion™. Crystal Fusion™’s hydrophobic formula means that the coating actually bonds with the windshield glass to prevent water, snow, dirt, and debris, adhesion while it increases driver visibility. In fact, this impervious barrier can additionally increase driver visibility by nearly 35%!

Crystal Fusion™’s Wide Range of Advantages

Remind your customers that Crystal Fusion™ is not only a superior windshield repellent. While the coating wicks away debris for improved visibility in bad weather, it also provides an additional protective barrier to prevent windshield damage and increased insurance costs due to claims. Due to its hydrophobic properties, Crystal Fusion™ provides drivers with additional security year-round with its anti-glare properties that will not limit driver visibility even on the brightest days. Crystal Fusion™ offers easy maintenance, too.

When new car owners are shown the benefits of this product, not only as a windshield repellent but also as an investment that preserves their vehicle’s value as well as increases driver and passenger safety, it is easier for buyers to opt-in. Just show new car buyers the big picture and watch your sales soar! Contact us to learn more.

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