Looking for the Best Safety Features in a New Truck or RV?

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You’ve waited long enough and now you’re shopping for the new truck and/or RV you’ve dreamed about. For months you’ve poured over brochures, compared torque and load capacities, rearview cameras, and lane departure warning systems. Maybe you’ve even thought about splurging on that sound system and leather upholstery upgrade. Here’s another that can save you money:  When you are deciding on which dealership to make that all-important buy, be sure to search for “crystal fusion installers near me”.

Why? Because no other dealer-installed feature can deliver what Crystal Fusion™ does: this hydrophobic windshield coating bonds with glass to provide clearer driver visibility, increased protection from road and wind-borne debris, and greater protection for those on board. You probably know that some vehicle safety features can save you money on insurance. Crystal Fusion™ can save your hard-earned dollars by avoiding insurance claims for windshield repairs and replacement costs.

Think about it. Your RV is your family home on wheels. While you are traveling you’ll likely encounter cloud-bursts and high winds. With Crystal Fusion™ it can be doubly reassuring to know that your view of the road is as sharp and clear as possible and that it provides an extra measure of driving safety for you and your loved ones, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. This microscopic layer of smooth liquid glass fuses with the windshield’s surface to create a protective shield that will not wear away in a few months like ineffective OTC sprays.

Before you start on any off-road adventure, make sure your new truck is protected, too.  Because Crystal Fusion™ is installed by select dealers at the point of sale, it is important to search for “crystal fusion installers near me” when you shop for your new truck or RV. It’s true that buying a new truck or RV should not be done on impulse. That’s why choosing the right dealership should not be made on price-point alone. Be sure to locate the one that installs Crystal Fusion™ and you’ll have years of clear vision, safety, and protection on your side.

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