What Makes Crystal Fusion™ the Right Choice for Your Customers?

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We all appreciate it when we’ve performed well. “Job Well Done!” means a lot and will remain in the minds of your customers long after you’ve completed the sale. Satisfaction with a dealership’s performance is often cited as the reason customers return to buy. Crystal Fusion™ is an upsell product any dealer can be proud to offer to their customers. What is Crystal Fusion™? To dealers as well as their customers it is simply the best hydrophobic windshield coating on the market. Period.

How it is possible to make this claim? Studies have shown that windshields treated with a hydrophobic coating deliver over 30% more visual clarity. For drivers facing inclement conditions including storms and wind, the added measure of safety and security Crystal Fusion™ provides far outweighs its reasonable cost. Another layer of confidence: applied at the dealership at the time of purchase, Crystal Fusion™ is a permanent treatment. This treatment is far superior to OTC sprays which do not bond at the molecular level with windshield glass only settle on its surface and are quickly washed away in weeks.

This hydrophobic treatment saves drivers money long after they leave the showroom. No one likes to see a crack appear in their windshield. Especially if their vehicle is fairly new. Crystal Fusion™’s bond is strong and can reduce if not eliminate damage from small road debris and wind-borne objects. Commuters, soccer moms (and dads), salespersons, delivery-drivers and more all appreciate the extra measure of security that having a more resilient windshield and clearer vision creates. We invite you to learn more about our superior hydrophobic coating product, Crystal Fusion™. Your customers will tell you it is the best hydrophobic windshield coating investment they made for their vehicle and their driving safety. Learn more by submitting our form or contacting our team at (631) 253-9800.

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