Buying a New Car? Don’t Overlook This Top Safety Feature!

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There is so much to think about when it is time to buy a new car. Which brand, type of vehicle, what appointments and amenities, can you trade your current car, what kinds of financing are available, the best dealership, (to say nothing of finding the best deal), aftermarket options, and let’s not forget the color! Seriously, by the time you are ready to pick up this sizeable investment, the last thing you are likely to be considering are add-ons. But what about one that is actually a value-add? An option that, once considered, will be seen for what it truly is, a requirement you’ll be glad you opted for: Crystal Fusion™.

Crystal Fusion™ is a hydrophobic coating that melds with your windshield glass. But it is so much more. It will provide seasons of vigilant service, wicking away rain, snow, and ice that can affect visibility and impact driver and passenger safety. Additionally, Crystal Fusion™ provides a protective shield that not only repels moisture, but also prevents damage from small road debris, twigs, pebbles, and other flying objects likely to be kicked up by other vehicles. 

On the subject of visibility alone, Crystal Fusion™ proves a smart choice. Did you know that in one second a car traveling at highway speed will advance several car lengths? Now imagine what being able to see clearly can mean to you, as the driver, and to the safety of your passengers. It can truly contribute to collision avoidance and an uneventful driving experience. 

There are many more advantages to having Crystal Fusion™ applied to your new car windshield. It will mean clearer visibility, increased safety, and lessen the likelihood that road debris will damage your windshield, resulting in an insurance claim or windshield replacement cost. Crystal Fusion™ is the car glass repellent that pays for itself in ways that all of us can appreciate: many safe and happy excursions with family, commutes to and from work, and weekend recreation adventures. 

We invite you to contact us to learn more about Crystal Fusion™ benefits. Dealers will want to sign up as a Crystal Fusion™ distributor or independent contractor. Call or submit our form today!  

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Rain or Snow - Need Crystal Fusion