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Buying or leasing a new car is a major expense for most consumers. At that point, they are counting pennies and could be making long term and pound-foolish decisions by passing up dealer value-adds such as Crystal Fusion™, the leading car glass shield available today. To make it easier for dealers, distributors, and independent contractors, here is some important information to share with buyers to facilitate the sales funnel and to make their buying decisions easier. 

As previously stated, individuals and couples who have just qualified for a car loan may not be open to spending more. However, the safety features alone far outweigh the expense. Did you know? 

  • According to the U.S. Institute for Highway Safety, in an emergency, one second of additional stopping time equates almost 90 feet or up to eight car lengths. Crystal Fusion™ hydrophobic bond repels water. This means better visibility in bad weather and increased safety for those on board and for other vehicles on the road as well.
  • Consumers who have had to replace their vehicle’s windshield due to cracks from road debris will appreciate that the cost for a hydrophobic Crystal Fusion™ truck and car glass shield treatment is far less than the average driver’s insurance deductible.
  • There are even assertions that hydrophobic windshield coatings reduce glare and harmful rays by up to 85% without affecting visibility. 

Frankly, the benefits of opting for a car glass shield such as Crystal Fusion™ are legion. It is sometimes just a matter of pointing out how this treatment will specifically benefit the consumer for its lasting value to be made clear. To learn more or to speak with us about becoming a distributor, please submit our form.  

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