Why Dealer-Applied Hydrophobic Coatings Offer More Than Windshield Protection

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There are some common misconceptions surrounding windshields and how to properly protect them, especially regarding windshield rain protection. Particularly in their design – windshields are not perfectly smooth as you might expect. While they may feel smooth to the touch, there is actually much more than meets the eye. In fact, if you were to look at your windshield through a microscope, you’d see thousands of tiny hills, peaks, and pits that disperse light and collect microscopic particles. Believe it or not this is normal.

A state-of-the-art Crystal Fusion™ treatment fills in all of these holes and crevices on a microscopic-level, which bonds to the glass service. This major glass reinforcement results in premium windshield rain protection. This is because Crystal Fusion™ creates a clearer, more even surface that helps dramatically improve wet weather driving visibility.

But that’s not all – a Crystal Fusion™ treatment does more than provide windshield rain protection, it improves driving visibility in all conditions. That’s right – the smoothening of your windshield also significantly reduces distracting glares, which can help to significantly improve drivers’ reaction times because they can see ahead more clearly. It’s almost as if Crystal Fusion™ puts you one step ahead of the road.

Safety has always been the name of the game on the roads. If you’re interested in a much higher degree of windshield rain protection, reduced glare, and an overall faster reaction time on the road, you can easily learn where you can get a Crystal Fusion™ application.

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