What is the Value of a Crystal Fusion Hydrophobic Coating to Consumers?

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Our vehicles are substantial investments and most drivers take the necessary precautions to keep them running right, running safely, and looking good in the process.  Now auto owners have a great weapon against the ravages of time, grime, weather, and road salts.  Automotive hydrophobic coating for windshields adds superior barriers to prevent the wear and tear of driving.

The patented hydrophobic windshield protection designed by the engineers at Crystal Fusion actually creates a chemical bond with the windshield glass.  This bonding action actually smoothes out the microscopic imperfections in the glass and creates an optically transparent coating that wicks away rain, snow grime, and salt resulting in superior visibility.

Like the windshield protection, the experts at Crystal Fusion have also developed an invisible layer of protection for the vehicle body itself.  Their nano auto ceramic coating reacts with the substrate surfaces resulting in an “abrasion resistant” coating.  The automotive hydrophobic coating keeps exterior auto surfaces looking new for years on end.  These coatings not only bond with the exterior surface, but they are also flexible so they are perfect in any climate and in all types of driving conditions.

To keep your vehicle’s exterior surface safe and looking like new for seasons of driving conditions, contact the professionals at Crystal Fusion and become acquainted with their patented automotive hydrophobic coatings, be it for the windshield or exterior surfaces.

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