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More and more Americans are making their vehicles last longer and are often looking for ways to keep them looking new for as long as possible. To that end, many auto dealers are offering a variety of windshield protection products and far and away, the advanced nanotechnology offered by Crystal Fusion™  is the logical answer.

Not all windshield protection products are created equally. Understanding the engineering behind Crystal Fusion™ windshield protection products will assist you in guiding your new car buyers’ in the right direction.

A car windshield is not perfectly smooth. While it may feel that way to the touch, if you look closely with a microscope – you’ll uncover hills, peaks, and pits that disperse light and collect tiny particles of moisture and grime. A Crystal Fusion™ windshield protection products fill in these voids microscopically and chemically to the glass surface. Substances such as rain, snow, ice, and dirt will adhere to the windshield, greatly affecting visibility through the glass. Not only will the windshield be clearer and thereby safer, but tiny pits that collect dirt and grime can also actually weaken the glass and result in more significant damage like cracks or chips. Crystal Fusion™ forms a microscopic protective layer of liquid glass on the windshield, fusing with the surface and creating an invisible car glass shield.

Protect your clients’ vehicles and their passengers with the finest windshield protection product that uses advanced nanotechnology. Like an invisible forcefield, Crystal Fusion™ provides a layer of protection that adds durability and clarity to their windshields. Extend the new condition of your customers’ glass while reducing glare and they will enjoy a considerably safer driving experience. They’ll appreciate your informed guidance!

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