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As we enter the winter season, drivers are smart to prepare for the hazards faced on the road, not the least of which is applying the best windshield water repellent to their vehicles.  Not all windshield repellents use the same technology and far and away, the best windshield water repellent is a hydrophobic windshield treatment.

The primary difference between a hydrophobic windshield treatment and over the counter DIY treatments is in their design.  Wax treatments simply coat the windshield with an uneven layer of protection which is designed to require retreatment and does a poor job in wicking precipitation over time.  The hydrophobic treatments actually chemically bond with the windshield and evens out the microscopic imperfections that allow salt, precipitation, and grime to collect on the glass.  This makes for a more permanent protection that increases visibility during winter driving, particularly at night.   While initially a higher investment, it’s durability and superior effectiveness makes a hydrophobic windshield treatment the best windshield water repellent.

The glass pro’s at Crystal Fusion has patented a windshield treatment that helps drivers safely navigate tough winter driving conditions.  Their teams of expert installers will prepare your glass for the coming driving season with the best windshield water repellent to give you peace of mind and safe travels all winter long.

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