Reduce Insurance Claims for Your Car or Fleet with Crystal Fusion

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It is imperative to safeguard your vehicle and your passengers with a windshield weather protector and your best option is one that utilizes advanced nanotechnology. The Crystal Fusion™ windshield weather protector is like an invisible forcefield engineered with a layer of protection that adds durability and clarity to your windshield. A hydrophobic windshield protectant actually bonds molecularly with your auto glass and produces the safest driving conditions imaginable.

Most drivers are not aware that their windshield is not perfectly smooth. It appears to be and even feels perfectly smooth tho the touch, but a microscopic examination reveals hills, peaks, and pits that disperse light and collect molecules of grime and moisture. A windshield weather protector manufactured by Crystal Fusion™ actually fills in these voids microscopically and bonds to the glass surface.

Driving hazards such as rain, snow, ice, and dirt will adhere to the windshield, affecting your vision through the glass under a variety of driving conditions. Crystal Fusions’ hydrophobic windshield weather protector forms a microscopic layer of smooth liquid glass on the windshield, fusing with the surface, creating a car glass shield. This not only improves your visibility by as much as 34% in the rain but their windshield coating also reduces the damaging effects of small road debris on your windshield while reducing glare.

Smart drivers know that a quality windshield weather protector can make driving more pleasant and far safer. The finest option is the patented, molecular windshield treatment available only through Crystal Fusion™.

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